Root and Third Eye Chakra Matching Reversible Pendant SET

$150.00 - $235.00 / Sold Out

Deep carved / cold-worked pendants, using a combination of abrasive blasting, and lathe carving. These were flame-worked by hand, and each 3mm opal round is hand set and inlaid. 15 opals total were hand inlaid for this matching and themed set. These are both reversible and will help keep you balanced and will help to give you intuition and the ability to see with divine wisdom.

This set is a collaborative effort between myself Gordys Glass Design, and Fatal Facets. Locally made in Austin, Texas. They are available as a set, or sold individually below.

The Blue pendant is the root and base chakra symbol, (Muladhara) which represents the most earth-centered energy. It stands for our inherited beliefs through our formative years. Self-preservation, personal survival and our identification with the physical world centers this base chakra.

The Red pendant, is known as the third eye. (Ajna)

Our intuition and our ability to see with vision comes from here. It's the center of divine wisdom, the spiritual eye that seeks to see and know the truth in all things. From the sixth of the seven chakra symbols we close our physical eyes and look at the world from all aspects of self. Our intuition becomes our guide.