Flower Of Life gold electroplated sliced laser etched agate pendant necklace.

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These gorgeous agate slice necklaces have gold or silver plated edges and look amazing strung on a gold or silver plated chain. There is beautiful quartz druzy along the inner edge of this pendant. It would make a great gift for women! The slices average about 3" long. Choose your pendant - you will receive the exact pendant that you select! All agate and geode products in my online store are GENUINE Brazilian agate from the Rio Grande do Sol region of Brazil. Natural colors are browns and grays, etc. We do not source any agate colors that are dyed, only natural agate. These are all laser etched with custom designs as well. This one contains a beautiful endless flower of life design. Please let me know if you have any questions about our laser etched and electroplated Agate stones!